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Indonesia Luxury Homes: Living Large on a Small Site

This Indonesia luxury home designed by architects Wahana Cipta Selaras is an interesting home smack dab in a densely developed urban area. The small site, dotted with many mature trees, provides a cozy nook for this extravagant home – and talk about living large! Wood and exposed red brick provide a warm, tropical aesthetic complemented by many outdoor entertaining areas, adding layers of living to this indoor/outdoor house. The western facade features vertical slats as opposed to a single large glazed face, allowing plenty of natural light in with a connection to the outdoors while also offering some much-needed shade in the heat of the day. Inside, this open concept house plan features glass partitions in place of traditional walls, allowing for a see-through view of the entire space while still defining its various living areas. A wood staircase zigzags its way up – a luxury addition to this modern architectural design. Wahana Cipta Selaras
via Arch Daily
photo credit: Fernando Gomulya



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