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Indian-inspired Manak Pendant Light from Horchow

Travel to the exotic East without ever leaving the comfort of home, with an Indian-inspired Manak Pendant from Horchow. These lantern style lights look like something you might find in a flea market, telling tales of far off places. Handcrafted of iron and glass, they feature beaded diffusers that shimmer when lit, casting a romantic glow in any room. Hang this pendant in a corner of the bedroom as you dream of escaping abroad. This pendant also makes a great addition to sunny settings like a sunroom, verandah or suspended in a living room window, where the colored glass gets playful with the sunlight streaming in. Couple the Manak Pendant with high end minimalist furnishings, or complement a well-used bean bag chair and an authentic kilim. The effect of grouping these pendants at different heights and colors creates a stunning effect. Choose from ivory, red, pink and blue. Retail price is $275 – much cheaper than a flight to India! Additional information is available by visiting Howchow.




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