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Human Shaped Planter from Eternit – Relax!

eternit relax man shaped planter Human Shaped Planter from Eternit   Relax!

There’s a new way to be human – the human-shaped planter from Eternit has arrived. This is the most interesting planter I’ve seen in my life. Apparently, us humans have shaped the world in more ways than one. Now we’re shaping the way flowers and plants grow. This unique planter will be a hit wherever it ends up, whether residential or commercial, you’re sure to get some comments. It invites all who see it to relax, take a deep breath and stop to smell the flowers. How great would it look from a high-rise building window, in a sea of concrete, this green man-shaped creation? If you truly want to ‘wow’ people, add a human aspect to your landscaping with the human-shaped planter. It is made with fibre-concrete, built to last, durable and the natural color helps to blend in with Mother Nature. You can’t help but smile when this planter catches your eye – enjoy the view with the help of Eternit.



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