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Huggy Armchair by Lago

Huggy 01 Huggy Armchair by Lago
A whimsically creative approach to an armchair that is so attractive in cosiness that it calls you to try it out and relax. The Huggy armchair by Lago literally wraps you up in all-around comfort! The chair is made of a colourful mattress wedged into a drum base in the shape of a wafer cone. Simply unscrew the base to automatically dislodge the mattress, and voila, you have a spare bed for your guests! Comfortable and practical. The wooden base can even serve as a night table when turned upside down. This chair is perfect for smaller spaces when you simply do not have the room for an extra bed or even a spare mattress. The Huggy armchair is a casual throne for the laid-back personality. This chair was designed by Brit Leissler for Lago Studio.

Huggy 02 Huggy Armchair by Lago



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