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How To Arrange Your Furniture To Make Any Room Feel Grander

If you have a smaller space in your home, then you know how difficult it can be at times. While we happen to love the idea of a cozy space that isn’t as big, having a smaller area can be overwhelming, particularly when you have a specific decorating style in mind. The key is knowing how to rearrange your furniture to make the biggest impact, regardless of what decorative pieces you use. The following guide will help teach you how to rearrange your décor.

Center your Love Seat

If your small is on the ultra smaller size consider having one single love seat and simply adding a few chairs to add extra seating to the room.

When you have a smaller living room the issue lies in making sure you have an even balance in the room. In order to do just that you want to create a centerpiece while still having seamless balance, this can be achieved by displaying your largest love seat in the center of the room. Keep your seating within the 2-4 range to allow breathing room throughout. Furthermore, you want to decorate around your seats for a great impact without taking away from the square space you have in the room.

Double Style Furniture

Having an ottoman is an excellent key to adding some extra multipurpose furniture that does not overcrowd the room.

One of the best things you can do for the layout of your furniture is having pieces that double in use. You want to have furniture items that can either hide some pieces within them or can be used for other reasons. Think of each furniture pieces as an additional item that can make a grand appeal within the room. Consider having an ottoman with storage to help you hide clutter while still being useful and easy on the eye.

Place in Front of the Window

Place the large sofa in front of a window to make the boldest impact regardless of the size of the room.

If you are fortunate enough to have a window in your living room, you want to take full advantage of it by placing your furniture directly in front. Having your furniture in front of the window allows you to bring as much light into the room as possible. It also helps you have an expansive feel right where you need it most while allowing you to enjoy the view.

Look Up

The smaller your dining room, the larger you want your chandelier or light fixture to be. Doing so allows the room to feel more expansive.

High ceilings are truly a blessing in disguise if you are blessed to have high ceilings you want to take full advantage of this and create a “look up” concept. This can be done by having vertical items in the space. Furthermore, consider having a grandiose chandelier that forces you and your guests to look up and fall in love with the particular space.

Clean Lines

When it comes to creating crisp lines falling in love with the layout of your home is the way to go. Embrace the size and decorate around it for a beautiful contrast.

While many do enjoy having decorative décor and bringing your character forth in your décor, having crisp lines as the main focus is the way to go. In order to do just that you want to have a simple, open display. Having this specific feature brings you not only beauty to the room but a clean feel. Display your décor in a modern format for that crisp feel.

Backless Sofa

A backless sofa not only looks cool, but it works exceptionally well when you want to add extra seating without taking away from the rooms overall appeal.

Having a backless sofa brings a bold sense of chicness to the room while giving you something extra. There is a sense of floating that happens thanks to having a backless sofa that is easy to fall in love with. Pair with stools or other smaller furniture pieces to make the space feel complete without overwhelming the room.

Add Plants

The simple use of one plant or more will instantly make the room feel grand and open without having to overfill the room or creating a crowded feeling.

Just like wallpaper, plants are a wonderful form of adding depth and color to smaller rooms. The beauty and lush feel of having greenery soften corners allows the smaller spaces to feel grander than the room truly is. This happens by tricking the eye to thinking the room is rounder then what it truly is in an effective manner.

Built-in Storage Wall

Take the smallest wall of your smaller room and make it your storage wall for the perfect display. Not only does it allow you to save space, but the room will feel grander in an overall manner.

Instead of having your décor displayed in all areas of your home, consider having a built-in storage wall. Having a storage wall allows you to showcase what you need exactly when you need it without creating clutter or diminishing the size or aesthetic of the room.

Embrace the Fireplace

Even if you have a tiny fireplace, putting your focus on it will give the room new purpose to the room without taking away from your structure.

While deciding on the placement of your furniture always consider your fireplace. The fireplace is one of the best furniture pieces when it comes to embracing the size of the room. In order to showcase the most out of a room, you want to embrace the fireplace and fall in love with every aspect of it. Place your smaller decorative pieces directly in front of your fireplace for the ultimate appeal.

Curtains are your Best Friend

Add curtains with texture or some sort of print to bring an additional layer of depth to the room.

Curtains- beautiful pieces of fabric that help bring beauty to any room while adding color and sometimes texture. While having curtains might not seem like the saving grace of any room but they actually are! Place them around your windows to keep light out, but add beauty directly in.

How do you rearrange the furniture in your smallest room? Please share with us your ideas below.


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