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Home Decor Trends for 2020 That Are All The Way IN

Entering a new year means, new trends, new ideas, and new ways to decorate your home. With that being said, some things will change this year. Every year we all get the decorating bug. There’s just something about having a fresh new year that makes you want to go all out and explore. Taking that into consideration, here are the latest trends for 2020 that will make you want to completely change your decor this year.

Millennial Twist

Bring a classic touch to fully enhance the room’s modern touch, it’s a contrasting bit that makes the room come to life.

When it comes to the new years craziest and best decorating trends millennial decor will always remain a top contender, but this time it’s coming with a twist- a modern twist to be exact. The idea is keeping your decor complete traditional yet bringing in bits and pieces of modern. Doing so not only makes the room feel grand, but it’s all about the contrast. Having a contrast will make the room come to life overall.

Bold and Monochromatic

Cobalt blue is a great option as it enables you to use a powerful color without breaking your natural aesthetic

Monochromatic has always been known as being a pale hue or a minimal shade. This year we will be looking at a bold monochromatic touch. Whether you enjoy a bold cobalt blue, a shade of plum or even cranberry. It’s all about getting the most vivid touch as possible while remaining in the same color family.

Dark Doors

When it comes to dark doors consider having them in a light-colored room for that sleek contrast

To add warmth and character bring in dark door. Dark doors are coming strong and we are obsessed. It’s all about making the room feel as grand as possible while making the room come to life. Having this touch is all about bringing an artistic flair where you need it best. Regardless of how you decorate your room, bringing in dark doors will make it come to life.

Earth Tones

Bring in earth tones to make the room feel as warm and cozy as possible with contrasting lighter shades

If there is one color palette that is coming in strong is earth tones. Cool tones are out and earth tones are in, in a huge way. It’s all about using shades of chocolate brown, rich, olive green, and ochre yellow. These shades are not unique, but they make the room feel calm and rich. It’s a calming effect that embraces the room overall.

Experimental Bathroom

The bolder your wallpaper the grander your display will be. It’s all about making the room come to life overall

The bathroom is one of the best places to have fun with decor and this year is no exception. We are looking at the idea of having multiple wallpapers, different color waves and a sleek appeal at making the room come to life without taking away from the room’s overall aesthetic. Keep the room as unique as possible with a wallpaper that embraces the room and gives you that modern twist.

One Color Wonder

Big in a pattern in a solid hue to make the room come to life overall. It’s all about making the room feel sleek and enchanting

Instead of embracing the room with multiple colors, bring in one shade and go big on it. It’s the perfect way to make the room feel chic and cozy. Consider using shades that give the room an expansive feel while being as crisp and clear as possible. Work with a shade that is in the color family instead of a neutral to embrace the area from wall, ceiling and trim for a complete sense of unity.

Black and White

The bolder your floor contrast the better, you want your white and black flooring to be as contrasting as possible

While we have seen elements of black and white, this year they will be going the extra mile. We will be seeing black and white with an added dose of charm. It’s all about bringing a multidimensional touch. Bring in geometric designs or a contrast of a black and white pattern to showcase what the room has to offer uniquely.

Real Plants

The more plants the better, it helps make the room feel brand new and fresh every time.

While having house plants has been around for years, this year real plants are taking the spotlight in a big manner. From having them in the corner to remove an awkward space to becoming the main focus of the room. The idea is to have the plants keep the room clean, fresh and well ventilated all thanks to the plants.

Quality Bed

Bring on a grand appeal in the bedroom to truly make the room feel sleek and bold at once

This year the bedroom is becoming all about the bed you use. Say goodbye to simple bedding and hello to quality. You want to have as many quality items as possible to get the most out of the room. Think of it as one of the best ways to embrace the room and give it an upscale vibe, that truly enhances the room’s new aesthetic.

Rattan and Wicker

Pair your rattan with pillows and other warming elements ot truly embrace the room’s overall appeal

If you are looking to change your outdoor decor, rattan and wicker will come in handy. They are both sleek and charming materials and they are very much on trend this season. You can almost say this material has never failed us at all. It warms up the room while still being airy and fresh time and time again.

Considering these new trends, which of these is your favorite? Share with us below.


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