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Height-Adjustable Showerhead Aquamove from Keuco – a shower fit for the whole family

Perfect for the whole family, this height-adjustable showerhead by Keuco allows homeowners to customize their shower to best suit whomever is using it. The Aquamove is the first hydraulic height-adjustable shower thermostat that features a fully adjustable showerhead. With the turn of a knob, the showerhead can be adjusted anywhere from 1.50 to 2.20 meters to accommodate the user’s own height – whatever that height may be. Children who had previously been forced to call mom and dad in to bring the showerhead down to their level can now handle it on their own, with the help of Aquamove. This is a great product for adults without children, as well, particularly when there is a height discrepancy between spouses. In a typical shower, the showerhead is placed in a standard position based on an average height that many of us do not represent. With the Aquamove height-adjustable shower, we are able to change this standard into what suits us best as individuals. Keuco


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