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Having a Sofa in the Middle of the Living Room is the Latest Trend

This gorgeous French apartment, by Rodolphe Parente, has a sofa in the middle of the living room. Not something you see every day – but the latest trend in interior design. You need to choose the right sofa, that’s the first thing. And where you put it is important. Your sofa must be accessible from all sides. In this case, the furniture is modern contemporary, and the architecture is classic – a clever contrast, indeed. But of course, Appartement Trocadéro is in Paris, and what would one expect but classic (and stunning) architecture? The red/violet in the painting really plays well against the grey/blue of the sofa and carpet. And the high design doesn’t stop there – check out that kitchen with its awesome breakfast area. We think this is a fantastic apartment. Check it out further using our Via link below.

Via: desire to inspire

Photography: Olivier Amsellem


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