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Outdoor Fireplace from Robeys – the Harry Leenders’ Pharos – Bringing the Indoors Out

With this Harrie Leenders outdoor fireplace, your parties on the patio can last all night long – and all year round! The Pharos outdoor fireplace is practical and attractive, perfectly suited for your favorite outdoor space. Sleek and minimalist by design, this fireplace features swivel positioning, secure closing and easy mobility to make it a flexible and safe product for any home. Its large outer casing gently distributes heat, and with the fuel burning area measuring no more than 60cm across, most of the smoke dissipates well above your head. And it’s a breeze to operate – the air supply can be easily adjusted simply by turning the outer casing. With this exciting fireplace by Harrie Leeders, guests will want to spend more time outside of your house than in. Priced at £1399 or US$ 2,669, this product is now available from Robeys Ltd.


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