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Hansgrohe Rainbrain Smart Shower – new product 2009

hansgrohe rainbrain smart shower Hansgrohe Rainbrain Smart Shower   new product 2009
If your brain only feels turned on after your morning shower you’ll love the Hansgrohe Rainbrain Smart Shower! In fact, Hansgrohe Rainbrain thinks for you, making your shower an intelligent experience – even when you are still half asleep. The smooth touchpad screen is the centre of operations for the shower streams, water temperature and light settings. Also, the intuitive, easy-to-use panel allows you to check your personal schedule and enjoy your choice of music transmitted via Bluetooth from your MP3. You can get a feel for this shower on-line – the fantastic interactive Hansgrohe website lets you get your hands on the controls without getting wet. There’s a tempting variety of different water streams available… watch exactly how they function with video footage. Treat yourself to smarter mornings with the Rainbrain Smart Shower from Hansgrohe.
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hansgrohe rainbrain smart shower 1 Hansgrohe Rainbrain Smart Shower   new product 2009




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