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Hansa2day hand shower – a waterfall handheld shower with a twist!

Hansa has done it again with the Hansa2day hand shower. Hansa created an innovative handheld shower with outstanding features that will change the way you shower. The most remarkable feature of this showerhead is its ability to be tilted up to 30 degrees in order to switch from a concentrated needle jet mode to a gush jet mode that turns a typical handheld into a naturally gushing Hansa2day hand waterfall. It is highly functional, yet provides the aesthetic qualities that allow it to fit into the most elegant of bathrooms. This decadent device is composed of a gently curved chrome shaft that ends at a smooth, white bowl from which the water flows. This graceful fixture is a work of art as it arcs from the wall, creating a sleek, sophisticated profile. This unit can be ordered individually or as a tub and shower set. Hansa



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