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Handwoven Draperies from Hartmann & Forbes – the natural window coverings

Handwoven draperies are a very popular, yet classic way to add warmth to a space. Hartmann & Forbes provide a wide variety of natural window coverings that are elegant, functional, and environmentally friendly. Using ancient techniques, weavers employ hand looms to create signature designs that are then hand-finished to produce beautiful, high-quality window coverings. The company also works to protect the environment by growing and harvesting their own materials and fabricating them in a way that is ecologically sound. Product lines include everything from handwoven roman shades to hanging draperies to woven roller shades. They even feature bamboo cornices and fabric panel screens that add unique organic details to your space. Each item comes in a variety of fabric options for both residential and commercial use, providing a color, texture, and opacity that will suit your decor, including solar screens and privacy fabrics. Contact Hartmann & Forbes for additional information.


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