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Alluring Hallway Decor Ideas

While we focus on decorating most areas of the home, including the patio, attic and even the basement, we tend to forget about the hallways of our home. The hallways are those unique spaces that don’t have a definitive direction, but they can work for multiple different things. If you’re anything like us, then when it comes to hallway décor you might feel a bit confused as to what hallway furniture will work best in that space. Keeping that in mind, we have put together a guide on alluring hallway seating ideas for any size home.

Bring on the Nook

Add a cozy bench and a few light fixtures for that cozy, elegant appeal that feels comfortable and relaxing yet put together.

If your hallway space has a nook area, do not think about it twice and create a charming nook space. This elegant, fabrics in multiple shades of nude and add fresh flowers or chic hallway lighting to brighten up the area. Furthermore, use this space to read or even decompress from the weight of your day.

Rustic Bench

If you want to further push the idea of rustic, consider adding greenery. Greenery is always a great idea when you want to make an area in a home feel put together and cohesive.

Regardless of what theme you have going on in your home or how decorated your home is, adding a touch of rustic is always a good idea. A wooden bench is always a good idea, add it in with a few light fixtures or even place it under a gallery wall for interesting seating.

Minimal & Sleek

A simple ottoman can make a huge difference in the way the room is portrayed and how many decor you actually want to place in it.

Hallway décor calls for a minimal approach, there is just something about this space that makes you want to add just a hint of décor and make it feel unique. With that being said, what better way to do this than to add a minimalist ottoman. The ottoman will add a seating piece while still being a sleek and simple feature in the room.

Coastal Hues

A simple touch of color could be exactly what your hallway needs, this can be done perfectly with a coastal touch, add hints of blue and taupe to emphasize the room.

Is there ever an area in your home that does not need color? The answer is, absolutely not! Every area of a home can make great use of color. When it comes to adding color consider coastal hues. Coastal hues are great because they have a unique way of being vibrant while adding just the right amount of texture to the room.

Feminine Twist

Pink is the perfect highlight color to bring a feminine twist with a cool vibe to it.

If you have always been wanting to add a feminine twist to your décor your hallway is a great place to start. Add a touch of pink in a subtle manner to bring that sleek, feminine appeal, without disrupting the décor that you may already have. You might even want to add a pink chaise chair for that grand approach.

Bring on the Pattern

A simple pattern rug can make a huge difference in the way your hallway looks and feels. It adds a sense of unity and elegance while still being put together.

Pattern is always a good idea in any room, even in the hallway. A lux pattern that entwines with other areas of the home is always a good idea. Sometimes you want to bring a seamless approach in that area as well- this can be done by adding in a pattern piece that is already in another room in your home.

Eclectic Colors

If you have a larger hallway and have been thinking of adding some sort of seating, going for eclectic chairs is the way to go. Doing so helps bring that stark appeal of color while being functional.

When in doubt, choose an eclectic color. Eclectic hallway furniture is an excellent way of bringing just the right amount of uniqueness in a space without taking away from it. Think of it as the easiest form of evolving a room while still keeping true to its original aesthetics.

Showcase Large Pieces of Art

When you think of a large art piece for your hallway you might bit think of color; however, we are here to share that the more color your painting has the grander it will feel in the room.

Is there really an area for large pieces of art? If you have a smaller residence, then you might think there isn’t, but in all actuality, there is- your hallway. Your hallway is the perfect place due to bring that space that connects two or more rooms together. Add a large, bold piece and let the room come back to life in a simplistic manner.

Mini Sitting Room

Adding seating to the space is great when you want to take full advantage of the space that you have. The idea is to add a room feel in your hallway area.

If you have a large hallway and can’t figure out what to do with it, we have the perfect solution for you- create a mini sitting room. Why have only one sitting room in your home when you can have two? For your hallway furniture, add two large chairs or a sofa and a small table to provide that classic comfortable seating.

Hallway Lighting

When going for a chandelier for your hallway you want to go for a bold piece that makes sense in the area the idea is to brighten up the space and add a focal point all at once.

Just because it’s your hallway and has no definitive style direction does not mean you can’t add hallway lighting. Hallway lights are always a good idea, they illuminate while you walk while giving you a chic touch. The key is adding a grand light fixture such as a chandelier or even a multitude of fixtures.

It’s time to give your hallway to focus it deserves, which of these will you be trying at home? Share with us your thoughts below.


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