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Kitchen LED faucet from Guglielmi – the new colored Temperatura Colorata faucet

A brilliant modern design that communicates through color, the new Kitchen LED faucet from Guglielmi brings a colorful sparkle to modern kitchens. With a simple geometric design, the Temperatura Colorata faucet has a modern urban style. With a large cylindrical base and a circular control, the Guglielmi Kitchen LED faucet then reaches over the basin with a sculptural spout. Within this modern form, the Guglielmi Kitchen faucet features an integrated LED light which reveals the water’s temperature through the use of color. Cool water appears brilliant blue, warm water a vibrant violet, while hot is a fiery red. A wonderful faucet for children, the simple use of color adds both a safety feature and a modern glamour. A clever and dynamic design, the Temperatura Colorata faucet by Guglielmi uses LED technology to create an innovative kitchen fixture.


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