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Grohe Rainshower Icon Showerhead is a new addition to Grohe Rainshower Icon Hand Held Shower

The new Grohe Rainshower Icon showerhead is indeed something to look up to – in every sense. As the newest addition to the Grohe Rainshower Icon collection, this shower combines the convenience of a hand-held with the comforts of an overhead, all in one. And the look is inspiring. Boasting coordinating style – matching, distinctive halo-shaped fixtures – the 190mm overhead shower is mounted to a swiveling column that lets you position it as desired; while the 100mm hand-held shower offers the ultimate in convenience. The column is sleek and slim, and the Grohe StarLight chrome finish offers beauty and brawn – it’s durable to withstand many years and many uses. The shower comes with the choice of a thermostatic mixer or a diverter. The eye-catching appeal of the Icon won’t be overlooked. Enhance your bathroom in style and function. For more information, visit Grohe.



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