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Grohe Power&Soul Shower Head: Customizable Contemporary


Whether it’s a refreshing burst in the morning or a soothing stream after a long hard day, Grohe has created a customizable shower fixture that delivers what you want, how you want, when you want. The Power&Soul shower head offers four different spray patterns including a Rain, Jet, Rain O2 and Bokoma sprays. While the Rain and Jet showers are somewhat self explanatory, Rain O2 is a smooth spray infused with air for a wider, more voluminous shower, while Bokoma boasts a steady back-and-forth movement that is reminiscent of breathing, for a stimulating, massage. The easy-to-use One-Click spray selector lets you switch between these different spray modes with the simple push of a button, which is located discreetly and conveniently at the back of the shower head. This contemporary style fixture features a large circular head available in the polished Starlight Chrome and Brushed Nickel finish. For additional info, visit Grohe.


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