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Red Cedar Outdoor Spa from Exteta – new gorgeous TH spa

Exteta TH outdoor spa made of Red Cedar
For those lucky enough to live in temperate climes, having an outdoor spa like the TH collection spa from Exteta can be the ultimate way to extend the home into the garden. Under a wooden or fabric roof and securely located within an entirely Red Cedar structure, the Jacuzzi is nonetheless open to the elements, affording you ample opportunity to stargaze! All you need for super relaxing spa sessions, the private changing area has shelves, sinks and seats. The Jacuzzi boasts a shower which rains down from the roof into the bath for a uniquely relaxing experience. Beautifully constructed, the TH collection huts look great inside and out, made totally from naturally grained wood. They are modular elements, which may be filled with whatever furniture suits your needs, and joined to make even more fantastic outdoor spaces. The solution to your entertainment needs: the TH outdoor spa from Exteta.
Exteta TH outdoor spa overall view
Exteta TH outdoor spa rain shower

Exteta TH outdoor spa enclosed


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