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Gorgeous Interiors by Collection Alexandra – new for 2011

Collection Alexandra presented their new and gorgeous interiors and furniture at the Habitat Fair Valencia 2011. The exhibition showcases a wide range of Spanish made products and materials for home interiors. This year Collection Alexandra was among their list of exhibitors where they displayed their newest collections of handmade, exclusive furniture. Their products are highly original and they strive to create elegant solutions that would fit a modern classic style. Their new collection stays on point, boasting a sophisticated and ‘haut monde’ kind of vibe.
Here are some of our favorite items from their new collections, presented at the fair:

This dining room is sensational – all white and black with a hint of cool blues and violets, including materials like glass and mirrors. It has a modern aristocratic feel. Even the chairs seem dressed up, almost in tuxedo like attire, and fit with the dignified air of the space. Part of the new Regina dei Ghiacci collection, designed by Identity Studio for Collection Alexandra.
Lucio – their new outdoor armchair has this imperial glow about it. It’s ultra chic for outdoor furniture and goes to show that Collection Alexandra considers elegance as a philosophy of life, and extends it from the indoors out.
Alexandra’s bar cabinet is a spectacular piece. With a special oxide finishing and incredible detailing – it’s just beautiful. It seems to carry a certain vibe from the orient – it is a piece with major substance with a warm richness about it.
Part of the Valentina collection, this Alexandra cabinet has a totally different feel than the previous one, but its details move us in the same way. It feels light in the space while still fully owning the wow factor.
Alexandra’s Traveller dressing room is sure to cause some closet envy. Who wouldn’t want such a spectacular space for dressing? And with the travel theme and details it give the space this fashionable, jet set quality.
The Troyano armchair is absolutely jaw-dropping. Definitely a piece that will never cease to be center of attention. Its exaggerated high back suggests only the ‘creme de la creme’ are welcome to sit down. Put one in your living room and you feel instantly noble. The color is also a spectacular choice.
Overall, Collection Alexandra has put forth some amazing new collections and items. The theme is definitely one of glamour in a classic modern style. We also really like the bright turquoise color that is repeatedly seen through out the collection – a nice tie to the Spanish Mediterranean. Visit Collection Alexandra to learn more.


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