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Glass Sauna Room Vitrium by Klafs

The motto that encouraged the design of Vitrium, the glass sauna room by Klafs, is ‘relaxation so valuable, it belongs behind glass’. Its design really does give the already enjoyable sauna experience an extra special aspect. You can see through, the feeling is open yet you still feel safe and contained. Best of both worlds. The sauna benches are extremely comfortable; after all, their ergonomic design has already won the Gold IF Design Award. The top of the sauna room, made of invisible glass incorporates a lighting system that gives the illusion of a twinkling star-lit sky. The whole structure is made mainly of glass, aluminum, steel and wood. Serious materials, innovative and modern design combined with a huge amount of style, comfort and enjoyment is exactly what you’re signing on for if you’re considering Vitrium. Learn more at Klafs.



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