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Glass Prefab Homes – Black Glass Modular Home Design by A-Cero

Spanish architects A-cero sent us some photos of an amazing and unusual prefab home that we just had to share. This black glass house design not only looks cool, but it is also the beginnings of a modular industrialized architectural construction process. Benefiting from the same modularity, technology, quality control and timeframe as modern industrial manufacture (architect are director of the project Joaquin Torres likens the process to Ford’s production lines) this new method of designing and building houses will benefit from factory production and on-site assembly, resulting in shorter construction times, more specialized labour, higher overall quality and lower price. This prefab home, one of two pilot projects, even comes with the option of being fully decorated and equipped, ready for occupancy – could you imagine yourself living here? We could! The modern, minimalist interiors with a palette of white are a cool contrast to the contemporary black exterior. A-cero.



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