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Prefab Modular Homes Designed to be Covered with Grass

Green roofs in architectural design are becoming more and more popular but most of the designs are for large homes and require complicated irrigation systems to keep the greenery alive without causing any water damage. Green Magic Homes has addressed these issues and come up with an innovative prefab modular home that is designed to be covered by grass. Because the homes are modular they can still be large, or stay small and best of all, they are easy to install and budget friendly.
The grass covered homes are created from prefab modules that can easily be joined together into the final form and then with only a little effort covered in a thin layer of soil thick enough to plant grass, moss, sedums or any other low growing, small rooted flora. You could even grow herbs or lettuce on the homes!

Made from lightweight, reinforced polymer, the prefab modules are durable and waterproof; they are also flexible for ease of handling during the installation process and no heavy machinery is required, just scaffolding.
The panels are designed to allow for composite ducts and channels for electrical wiring and water pipes as well as mechanical venting. They also each have perforated flaps to screw and seal to each other and anchor to the foundation.
Using the geometry of the vaulted panels, the layer of earth that covers the home acts as an added source of strength and stability as well as an extra layer of insulation to keep the interior spaces warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The green roof also aids in carbon recycling, pollution removal and oxygen production.
The main facade of the home is a large arch that can be fitted with windows and doors of your choosing.
Secondary openings are arched doors surrounded by the green roof which extends all the way to the ground.
Windows are also arched and in this case fitted with a round operable panel for cross ventilation.
Here’s a few interesting visualizations.
Green Magic Homes
There is no better passive heating/cooling system than the earth itself but not all green roofs on buildings are created by a thin layer of soil, sometimes a semi buried house is fashioned by first building the home and then creating a thick rammed earth wall up against the back and top of the building. For more ideas, please check out our main section for underground homes.


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