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Glass Accent Tiles from Spectra Decor – Hue glass tiles

spectra decor hue tiles Glass Accent Tiles from Spectra Decor   Hue glass tiles
Accent tiles should make a bold statement, as do these bold Hue glass tiles from Spectra Decor. Hue is a series of layered glass tile, whereby opaque and transparent glass is layered to create a unique, dimensional look. These vibrant tiles are available in thirteen standard glass colors and twelve standard combination colors. The layering techniques and color combinations can result in whimsical designs that incorporate abstracted circles, ovals, and squares. These fun tiles are perfect to incorporate with solid color glass or ceramic tiles to embellish any vertical surface application. They are available in 2” x 2”, 4” x 4”, or 1” x 6” and can be ordered in custom colors, combinations, or patterns. Spectra Decor



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