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Glamorous Contemporary Living Rooms You Must See

There is nothing like having the joy of personally designing your living room and creating a space where your family and friends can sit and enjoy. This primary area of the home tends to get the most attention as it sets the tone of the rest of your home décor. It’s also one of the best places to experiment with different styles, patterns, layers, and even furniture layouts. In addition to that, it’s the perfect space to experiment with season décor and new trends. The following glamorous yet contemporary living rooms will give you an urge to want to upgrade your décor.

Blend of Styles

When you are blending styles consider having multiple pieces from both decorative areas and displaying them together.

Sometimes you don’t want to have one specific style, sometimes you want to have multiple different styles. The key is creating a balance between the two styles you decide to use. Another form of blending style’s is using an abundance of neutrals. Using neutrals as the foundation of your décor allows you to get creative with the rest of your décor.

Open Floor Plan

Add fun couches to make your open floor plan feel put together yet have a unique edge. Furthermore, you want to use similar hues throughout your entire open floor plan.

Having an open floor plan can be a benefit or a curse. The benefit comes in because it allows you to decorate on a grander scale and a curse due to how much décor you actually need. The key is rearranging your furniture in a way that the room still feels airy but with just the right amount of furniture pieces in it. You never want to create a cluttered space, or the appearance of one, the simple use of widening your décor pieces will be sufficient to the room.

The Simple Use of Chairs

If you must have a sofa, consider a sleek, modern one for a softer addition that does not take away from your two chairs that are meant to be the statement of the room.

Many of us are led to believe that a living room always needs a sofa, with additive chairs, and other decorative pieces. However, as décor continues to evolve, minimal décor has become a top contender and a top favorite among many- that is where a pair of chairs will make a huge difference. Use a pair of chairs as your main focus in the room. Pair with a rug to make a statement that is felt throughout the room.

Eclectic Appeal

If you truly want to upgrade your decor for a grand eclectic feel consider having a textured sofa with hints of velvet. Doing so will bring a sense of classic yet modern all at once.

To bring an eclectic display to your living room, consider adding a fun pop of color. The best way to do this is by adding a set of colorful sofas that will stand out while brightening the room. Your sofas should become the staple of the room without taking away from the décor that already exists.

Jewel Tones

Whether you use one bold item in a jewel hue, or you add multiple jewel tone items you want to use a similar palette in order to make the room feel cohesive.

If you truly want to add a hint of glamour in your living room, the key is using jewel tones as the main focus of the room. You want to have an air of regal felt throughout the room. Add velvet furniture or throw pillows to make the room feel as grandiose as possible without taking away from the space of the room.

Go Custom

When adding a custom piece you want to go as bold as possible in order to have that statement piece that brightens the room and gives it a more personal feel while having character.

When in doubt, go for a custom piece. If you have yet to figure out how to create a seamless blend between contemporary and glamour, creating a signature custom piece is the way to go. Whether you create a center table that is unique to you and your needs or you bring in a new sofa- you want your piece to speak for itself on its own terms.

Clean and Crisp

Add a touch of greenery to enhance the room and give your crisp lines a twist of color. 

When it comes to decorating a living room there is nothing that brightens a room more than clean, crisp lines. Clean and crisp lines are easy to work with and allow you to add character to a room without overbearing the space. Work with clean hues and neutrals to truly enhance the aesthetics of the room. You want the room to ooze appeal while still being soft to the eye.


One single dark or black wall could be all a room needs to feel a bit edgier without having to change your decor in its entirety.

Contrary to the above, some rooms need a little bit more to feel bold and empowering. Which is where having a touch of edgy will come in handy. Having a touch of edgy works in a beneficial manner as it allows you to have a darker palette weaved into what you already have and use. Consider having a bold wall to truly make your edgy palette be felt throughout the room.


Adding wallpaper is always a good idea in the living room as it allows you to add color, texture, and appeal to make the room feel put together.

When it comes to bringing something new to a room without disturbing your decorating style, a wallpaper will work in your benefit. In order to select the perfect wallpaper for your room, consider having wallpaper with some sort of repetitive pattern. The beauty of having a repetitive pattern is you will have the same approach throughout the entire wall. Keep the rest of your décor as seamless as possible.

Light Fixtures

If you really want to get bold with your decor, consider having light fixtures in multiple different sizes for that bold allure that is felt throughout the room.

Light fixtures are one of those items that need to be added to any room. They not only brighten the space, but they ensure the room feels cohesive and larger than it is. When working with light fixtures you want to use multiple fixtures at once. Doing so allows you to place them in multiple different areas of the room without missing a beat.

Will your next living room have a contemporary twist? If so, share with us how you will achieve it below.


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