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Glam Bathtub by THG – ‘Elegance’

So much for the old “less is more” adage, this chic glam bathtub by THG will have you begging for more! Elegance is the ultimate in bathtub style, and this bathroom company bas blended beauty and comfort in this modern yet timeless tub design. Made of durable resin and delicate-looking clear side-panels, the tub won’t overwhelm your space but makes a strong style statement. The head and foot of the bathtub arch upward like the bow of a ship, curling at each end in an understated note of elegance. Go glam with this amazing new finish, which puts minimalism on the back burner. But if simplicity is more your style, the classic white finish is equally appealing. These tubs come with optional hydrotherapy systems, headrests and lighting panels, and are available in an endless range of color. From aesthetics to feel, this bathtub has it all. Check it out at THG.



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