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Give Your Bathroom The Spa Feeling It Deserves

Dreaming of having a more relaxing space that allows you want to retreat after a long day? If so, your bathroom may be in need of a spa twist. What better way to relax than to have a touch of spa in your bathroom! Here are a few ways you can take your bathroom from ordinary to the perfect relaxation headquarters.

Freestanding Tub

A freestanding tub is perfect when you want to take your bathroom to another level. Pair with simple decor for that spa feel that is classic yet feels harmonious and modern all at once. Additionally, you may want to have marble touches that brighten up the space.

The first step towards having that lavish spa feel is changing your bathtub or shower for a freestanding tub. A freestanding tub brings that relaxing feel that is traditional yet modern all at once. Pair with asymmetrical space for an added touch of spa aesthetics.

Neutral Palette

Instead of having a cluttered space, keep it crisp and clean for as long as possible with neutral hues. Neutral hues are perfect because they work well in any space and bring out the beauty in any other color you may already have used in the space.

Keep it neutral. Stay away from color when you want to have that spa feel as you want a relaxing space that does not disrupt or cause any division. It should feel simple and airy instead of clutter and dysfunctional. Consider using white oak, blonde wood, and pastel shades to bring it all together.

Natural Wood

Natural wood is not only beautiful to look at but it is also convenient and versatile in the bathroom. You may want to have natural wood on the floor or even have a natural wood wall. Doing so will bring that relaxing spa touch that you may need.

As mentioned above natural is one of the most important aspects you can add to your bathroom. Use white oak, blonde wood, and/or cedar wall as a simple backdrop that brings an undeniable, simple touch that is still natural and relaxing.

Glass Doors

Glass doors are perfect for any size bathroom, especially small ones. Smaller bathrooms can really benefit from them because they room the boundaries in the room. Having them will create a cohesive, seamless appeal.

If you already have a standing shower and do not want to consider adding a freestanding tub to the space contemplate interchanging your doors for glass ones. Glass doors are pretty much a staple in any spa space due to how relaxing they can be. They also work well in smaller spaces if you want to maximize your square footage.

Dual Sinks

Dual sinks are perfect when you want to create that spa appeal that is put together and soothing. It brings a contemporary feel that is still very traditional. Use different size sink bowls for the perfect focal point in the bathroom. Use darker wood for a chic touch.

We love the idea of having a dual vanity in every bathroom. But it is especially true when you want to add that signature spa feel. Add a bowl sink instead of a traditional sink to bring a more modern touch that can bring your bathroom back to life with a spacious touch.

Natural Elements

Instead of using one plant in the space consider using multiple different plants. Doing so will bring nature directly into the bathroom space adding a beautiful organic feel that is spa-inspired. Pair with little hues for that well-rounded appeal. 

Nothing feels as relaxing like having natural plants and flowers become a highlight in the space. Use colorful flowers to bring vivid shades that can be replaced at any moment needed. This is the perfect way to bring your elements of simplicity and vivid colors. It is also an excellent form of having relaxing touches to the room.

Shades of Blue and Green

Use a lighter shade of blue paired with darker furniture for a richer feel that has an industrial touch to it. Add golden touches for the ultimate contrast between the two shades used. Furthermore, add a hint of richer color for a hint of customization.

Blue and green are signature colors to the spa due to them representing the ocean. The ocean is relaxing and simple therefore having bits that remind you of it is perfect. Add a few blue and/or green elements to bring that spa feel in a multitude of ways.

Upscale Vanity

Having a vanity with multiple different compartments will allow you to have multiple different areas to place small necessities around the bathroom including towels. You want to lay out your best towels to showcase them just like a spa would. Doing so will further iterate your spa-inspired bathroom decor.

An upscale vanity with multiple compartments can help bring your spa space full circle. The compartments allow you to have numerous areas where you can place towels and necessary toiletry that will make a beautiful display.

Metallic Touches

Metallic touches are perfect in a spa-inspired bathroom because they add an old-world feel that is still very contemporary. Take it a step further by having a metallic standalone tub. The tub itself will be the standout piece in the bathroom that will become the focal point of the space.

While we love the idea of simple décor for that spa feel, we also love a metallic touch in the bathroom. Whether it be from light fixtures or from metallic touches here and there, a hint of rose gold, and/or gold can make a huge difference in the appeal of the space. Pair with light hues to bring the space back to life.

Light Fixtures

Lighting is great when you want to have that cozy atmosphere especially when you add soft lighting or candle lights. Doing so will bring your decor together and have that spa feel throughout the space. You may even want to consider dimming lights to allow you to change the atmosphere of the room.

You can have a relaxing space without talking about light fixtures. Consider strip lights, wall sconces, and/or both for a soothing touch. Additionally, you want to add candles for that relaxing simple, well put together atmosphere.

Create your perfect relaxing space by incorporating one or two of these tips and tricks to your own bathroom. Please let us know which of these you may use in the comments below.


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