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Ginkgo Fallen Leaves Vessel by Julie Wawirka

In modern bathroom design, vessel-style sinks are often chosen for the interest and elegance they add to a space. Vessels sinks by Wawirka are a perfect example of how a sink can add flair to any bathroom vanity. The Ginkgo Vessel sink by Wawirka is a striking example of how a sink can transform a room. Unlike the typical “metal-finish” lavatory on the market, the Ginkgo features solid alloy construction that guarantees durability and creates the authentic look and feel of metal that plated products cannot provide. It features a design inspired by nature – an organic but elegant representation of a ginkgo leaf that would add richness and warmth to even the starkest of bathrooms. Although its form is somewhat traditional, when combined with more streamlined fixtures and accessories, the Ginkgo Vessel would add an unexpected but sophisticated element to a more contemporary bathroom scheme. Finish options abound, as this model is available in a variety of satin metal finishes that are a breeze to clean and easy to maintain, making them appropriate for high use residential or commercial applications. Further, these metal finishes can be treated to maintain their brightness or can be untreated to develop a natural patina. If a deeper patina would achieve a desired look, a consumer might choose one of the patina finishes that Wawirka offers. Considered to be “living finishes”, these patina options evolve over time with proper care, providing a diverse palette that ranges from gold to green to brown to black. Perfect for residential use, these aged vessels would enhance any bathroom design. Available as either a vessel sink ($2560 US) or a small decorative bowl ($450 US). Wawirka


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