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Gigi radiator – funky, modern heating solutions by i-Radium

Heat your home in style with the funky Gigi radiator, the latest in a line of modern heating solutions by i-Radium. Designed by Enzo Berti, the Gigi is set to make its grand entrance at the Salone Internazionale del Bagno 2010 show later this week. Experimenting with expressive shapes, i-Radium’s heating products are crafted from living material, such as wood, effectively turning what was once a fuel material into the heating object itself. Combining functionality, beauty, cutting-edge innovation and elegance, and tipping their hat to the environment, the Gigi and i-Radium’s other creations use infrared technology that warm the people in the room first, followed by the air, so you can feel the warmth as soon as you turn it on. To see all of the lines in this collection, visit i-Radium.


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