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Gardenias Garden Furniture from Barecelona Design

Barcelona Design of Spain has really hit a home run with their Gardenias “Garden” Furniture. Designed by Jaime Hayon, this collection has style in spades. Hayon’s specialty is transforming furniture that is normally cold and rigid appearing into soft, sensual lines and he’s certainly accomplished that with his Gardenias. Some of the pieces actually look like wood! (But their bases are made from powder-coated aluminum to last for generations outdoors.) The style revives classical elements – the chair with its own canopy, for example – but gives them a contemporary update. The aluminum is finished with ‘Alesta’ coating to keep the colors vibrant even after years in the sun. But that’s not all, this coating keeps the metal cool to the touch, so you can sit in this pieces no matter how long the sun has been beating down on it. For all it’s contemporary style, there’s a reminder of seashore vacations of old. Isn’t this furniture perfect for your next outdoor living space?

There are benches and chairs – with canopies and without.
More information: Barcelona Design


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