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How To Bridge The Gap Between Feminine And Masculine Décor

Moving in with a significant partner is quite exciting especially when it comes to making a new space feel like a home where both decorating styles are valued. In order to do just that you will have to bring in a blend of feminine and masculine décor; however, that isn’t always the easiest thing to do especially when you have two very different decorating styles. Nevertheless, it needs to be done so we will share with you how to bridge the gap between feminine and masculine décor in an easy yet creative way.

Finished Metals

Can’t figure out a metallic element to add to your area? Consider a metallic lamp or light fixture. Having a metallic element will bring the room back to life in a seamless manner that still brings beauty to the space.

Metals are excellent in between fixture due to how many variations they come in, for a masculine feel add darker metals, or gold and blend it with dark hues such as black. Navy, or even wood. Whereas, for a feminine approach you want to do the complete opposite and work with softer metals that embrace the space.

Focus on the Art

Keep the room simple but ensure your large piece of art makes a bold statement in order to have your room come to life while blending colors.

Who doesn’t love a good piece of art? Keep that in mind, focus on having pieces of art that are large. Large art pieces make the room feel grander while having a more masculine approach. This would work best in a room that already has a feminine touch and simply needs a hint of masculine to bridge the gap between the two.


Do not forget about your curtains, even if you have an all masculine decor feminine curtains can completely bring it together without a hitch.

Colors are very important to a room, they can not only make or break a space, but they can help bridge the gap between masculine and feminine décor. To blend the two together try blending a feminine color such as pink, lavender, blue or even a softer pastel and pairing it with dark rich colors such as black, gray, navy or taupe. In most cases, the dark masculine color works best for the walls and main focus while the feminine will enhance the area as an accessory color. You might even want to blend the two in a wallpaper for your accent wall.

Create a Balance

Balance might seem difficult when mixing feminine and masculine decor but its actually quite easy when you blend different furniture pieces with unique textures.

There’s no better way to bridge the gap between having two different decorating styles than to create a balance. You want to have harmony with any and every decorating style you have. The key is having pieces that speak to both of you yet work together beautifully. For example, have a large sofa yet pair it with a soft accent table, doing so will create an easy blend that feels unique and seamless.


The right acccesories can transform a room almost immediately. Add colorful bits to a mostly dark room for a unique balance that is also edgy with a twist of feminine.

If you have a bold decorating style go for softer accessories or vice versa. The idea is to take your accessories and make them part of the highlight of the room. Think of them as the last bits that make a room come to life in a seamless manner. Therefore, have light and airy bits that go well with bolder pieces.

Neutrals with Texture

Neutral hues are perfect when they are paired with texture bits that bring the room back to life. Think of neutrals as the perfect base hues to bring your room the perfect blend it needs.

When in doubt go with a neutral palette that allows you to use as many colors as you would like without taking away from them. The key to spicing up your décor when working with neutrals is using a large amount of texture. Use warm woods, cozy throws, blankets, and patterns with neutral bits as the main statement to create an area that melts two decorating styles together.

80/20 Rule

A perfect 80/20 blend is having the perfect amount of airiness in any decorating style you end up using. Be sure to add color to brighten the room effortlessly.

Can’t figure out how much feminine or masculine décor should be added? Take the safe route and follow the 80/20 rule. The rule goes a little bit like this: as long as your furniture is uniform 80% of the time you have a lenient working room with the other 20% of the space. Keeping that in mind, make sure 80% of the room has a refined decorating style while the other 20% is a bit less structured and fun.

Focus on the Walls

If you go for dark walls, stay with light and airy furniture for that blend that makes sense while still being approachable and seamless.

The very first place you want to start your main focus on is your walls. The color of your walls will set the mood for the entire room, select a dark hue for a more masculine approach but pair it with softer shades to soften the overall feel of the room. Using the lighter shades will brighten the space while still having the classic signature appeal.

Add Leather

Leather comes in multiple different colors so you always have the option of adding hints of color even with an edgy touch.

Can’t figure out how to incorporate that masculine touch without changing your décor? The answer is a whole lot simpler then you might think- add leather. Leather will take any feminine room and give it an edge, so much so, that it will feel a bit masculine without having to take away or add to the room. This is one of the easiest forms of bringing that classic touch without taking away from what you already have.

Keep it Simple

Keep it simple, there’s no better way to create the perfect display then to keep it simple and add the bits that make sense to the room while still being essential to your decor.

There’s no doubt that combining two different decorating styles can be a bit overwhelming and even confusing but keeping it simple will remove any stigma around your décor. Only add pieces that make sense to you and keep the rest fresh and airy. Instead of having “too much décor” focus on having just the right amount.

How will you be bridging the gap between feminine and masculine décor? Share with us your ideas below.


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