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Futuristic Home by Werner Sobek Architects to be built by 2012

Designed by architects Werner Sobek of Stuttgart, Germany, the futuristic R129 Residence breaks all conventions of the traditional home. Currently in its planning stages, and expected to remain so until around 2012, it’s clear to see where so much time and thought has gone. The architects have blended an innovative, forward-thinking housing concept with modern technology. The result is a truly innovative feature – a building envelope made of a lightweight and transparent electrochromatic foil which can be lightened, darkened, and even made completely opaque using electronic controls. Beneath its futuristic shell, this home frame is constructed of carbon box sections and boasts a foundation raft of carbon that allows for a floor that’s heater and provides connections for electrical energy, water, compressed air and communication lines. Inside, the contemporary open-concept layout creates a clean, minimal feel. Werner Sobek.



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