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Futuristic Earth House by Peter Vetsch

The ultra-modern Earth House design by architect Peter Vetsch is oddly reminiscent of primitive housing notions, only with a refined artistic edge. “Compared to traditional residential houses built on the ground, the aim of building an earth house is another: Not to live under or in the ground, but with it,” according to Vetsch Architektur. This one-of-a-kind design actually is based on a primitive concept – the earth acts as an insulating blanket to protect the home from the elements, while being environmentally friendly as well. The home’s organic shape rolls with the landscape. The interior features luxurious appointments: a fully equipped kitchen, sumptuous spa-inspired bathrooms and an advanced house-control system. This design has gone up in a few places, including this one in Lostorf, Switzerland, a two-storey, single-family home boasting a basement with a separate apartment and the garage. The ground floor is divided into a main living area with a second separate apartment. The bedrooms enjoy serenity on the second floor. Vetsch Architektur.



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