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Fusionstone countertops by Architectural Systems – the new man-made countertop material

Fusionstone by Architectural Systems is a new and innovative hybrid building material ideal for a wide variety of surfacing applications, including countertops, tabletops, and vanities. A Fusionstone countertop is created through the fusion of ultra-clear glass with exotic stone slabs, a pairing that results in a durable surface that is highly resistant to natural and chemical substances, temperature variation, and scratching. The combination of glass and stone ensures superior surface protection while allowing the beauty of the natural stone below to shine through. The Fusionstone process eliminates adhesion lines, giving the glass a smooth, unified appearance that allows for an unimpeded view to the stone surface beneath. There are 10 standard stone options, including marble, sandstone, and limestone in various hues. Standard sizes are available with custom shapes and edges available, including the option of incorporating LED lighting. Architectural Systems


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