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Refreshing French Country Bedroom Ideas

If you read the title and thought “what exactly is French Country décor? The answer is not as simple as you might think. French Country décor is chic yet casual, feminine yet calming, cozy yet sensible, it’s a beautiful paradox that makes the room come back to life. Think of it as one of those decorating styles that makes perfect sense without overbearing the room or making the space feel less worthy. Bring a feminine twist right where you need it with one of these decorating ideas below. Here’s our take on how to decorate with a French Country twist.

Pastels with a Punch of Color

Spread your pastel hues throughout the room for a beautiful pairing the does not take away from the room.

The French country palette is notorious for being simple, but the key is using pastel hues and giving them a strong punch of vibrant accents. You want to add accent hues throughout your pastel display for a beautiful pairing that makes sense in the room yet helps the space come back to life. Add pastels with hints of orange, red, or even pink and pair them with shades of green, burgundy, blue and black for the best outcome.

Layered Fabrics

Push your layered aesthetic even further by adding a rug underneath your bed.

Despite having a palette that is typically subdued there Is always the idea of being able to add layered fabrics. Fabrics are quite popular in French country décor. So much so, that we would say it’s an excellent form of adding texture, with the perfect hint of character. You want to have a sense of whimsical interest with as much bunch of color as you can possibly have. The best way to do this is to layer several fabrics and allow them to become the highlight point of the room.

Elaborate Canopies

Consider having a grown canopy as the main focus of the room. Crown canopies are great due to how large they tend to be.

French country bedrooms are known for having some sort of canopy as part of their décor. This is specifically true for those that want to add something fresh and new to their bed. The beauty of a canopy is how much of a romantic twist it brings to any style. Think of it as a glamour feature that makes the room feel royal yet feminine and beautiful.

Distressed Furniture

If the room doesn’t have a distressed item, add a few doors as a headboard for a beautiful pairing that feels chic and shabby all at once

Another staple in French country décor is distressed furniture. Having distressed furniture gives it a more vintage feel to the room as it allows the space to feel expansive, with bits of royal. The royal aspect comes from the multicolor appeal that happens when you pair distressed furniture with traditional décor. Use color to make your décor feel grander and more elaborate all at once.

Unique Headboard

Add a mercury mirrored finish headboard to complete the enchanting aesthetic.

You want to always consider the headboard that you’re using when you want to change your décor for a more French country touch. The idea is to create an eclectic appeal while still being traditional. French country décor tends to remain traditional, which is what you want to keep in the room when you’re seeking a classic French country aesthetic. For a crisp headboard, touch, consider having a minimal approach to create the perfect outcome.

Bring on the Blues

The softer shade of blue the better, blend them together for a seamless approach that enhances the room’s natural appeal.

Though French country décor is designed with the palette of gold, burnt reds, creamy white and beige in mind; however, the palette does not need to solely be about these hues. Add a punch of blue for a softer approach that is quite modern yet engaging. The idea is to bring an engaging touch for a more modern twist right where and when you need it. Pair your traditional French country palette with a display of pastel blues for a gorgeous pairing that makes sense to the room.

Do Not Forget About Patterns

Blend a few different patterns with the same color palette to ensure the room feels cohesive

Although, French country décor is known for its soft palettes its also known for having bold patterns. Traditional patterns consist of gingham, checks, stripes, and florals, but not just a pattern or two but an explosion of a pattern. The more pattern the better! You want your patterns to feel grandiose yet make the daring statement they intended to have.

Layers of White

Whether you display it in the front of the room or in the back you want to have as many shades of white as possible for that contrasting approach

While white comes in a few select colors, having a layer of white in the room helps the space feel larger. The larger the room’s aesthetic the grander. You want to create an expansive aesthetic while still being quite on trend. In order to create this feeling of expansion you want to keep the room airy, but you will want to have items that make sense in the room. Add a bench for a comforting element that feels soothing without overcrowding the room.

Wood Too

The more wood in the room the grander it will appear. Furthermore, it allows the room to feel cozier which is always a good idea.

Wood is always on trend, it’s always a top contender when it comes to decorating due to how well it works with almost every single style of décor. With that in mind, for French country style, you want to add an abundance of wood, preferably darker wood. Darker wood works best due to how vintage and old worldly it looks. Lighter hues tend to be more modern while darker ones add a bit more character while being quite stylish.


The fluffier and more feminine your bedding is, the better. Doing so will enhance the room’s French country style.

When it comes to bedding the more the better! White linen and sheets are the most popular, add additional bits of pattern for a contrasting approach. Pair your bedding with an abundance of throw pillows in multiple shades will make the room feel put together, feminine and classic. Doing so creates a unique appearance that is comforting and calming while still being cozy.

French country style is coming back on trend and we are making sure you’re up to date. Share your thoughts on this trend below.


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