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Folding Shelves by Lake and Wells

These folding shelves are amazing. By Chicago design firm, Lake and Wells, they can serve as both art of a sort, and shelving. These examples are from the Riveli Shelving Luxe Series, designed by Mark Kinsley. It’s so unique, it’s a patented system. And so fluid, you can change the look on a whim. ‘Riveli’ is Italian for ‘reveal’ – and that it does. It’s an easy-to-install modular system of individual pivoting aluminum shelves. Lightweight, and sturdy at the same time. And they use an architectural-grade anodized finish in several relatively subdued color choices. Just add your objet d’art – where you want them, when you want them. It’s magic.

folding shelves by-lake-wells-1.jpg

folding shelves by-lake-wells-2.jpg
folding shelves by-lake-wells-3.jpg
folding shelves by-lake-wells-4.jpg

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