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Floating Apartment in Greece by Urban Soul Project

Urban Soul Project has designed one of the most unusual apartments that we have ever had the pleasure of covering. Located in Thessaloniki, Greece, it has a neutral contemporary interior design laid out at most unexpected angles.

The floating effect that comes from the glass water-facing walls, gives the busy design a pause and sense of serenity the residents can enjoy from their living room.

A contemporary open plan looks exciting thanks to the angled layout
Sitting far enough from the edge can give off a feeling of space floating above water

Cleverly planned and executed, the apartment plan is like no other. Its unique layout is punctuated by creative angular furniture and lighting.

The bedroom looks like a room within a room, providing the owners with a sense of privacy and calm strengthened by the soft glow of ambient lighting. It also boasts clever storage that accommodates the hosts’ wardrobes.

Adjoined living/dining/kitchen area is spacious enough to appear contemporarily minimal but, at the same time, there is a lot going on design-wise. A tiny bath seems rather tight but thanks to its clever, efficient layout, it looks more interesting than crammed.

Although the glass walls overlook the busy street, the floating effect is still strong. Just take a step back and concentrate your gaze on the water.

Floating Apartment Overlooking the Aegean Sea

Even the coffee table in the apartment is angled
Storage wall behind the living area hides a bedroom
Ambient lighting gives it gentle glow that induces sleep
All those angles come from clever use of space
Big glass inclusions create a floating effect at least from one side of the living room
A TV lounge chair also overlooks the water
A small corner balcony allows to enjoys some water-filled air amidst the urban setting
Sitting far enough from the edge can give off a feeling of space floating above water
Room divider
Corner shower stall allows efficient use of square feet
Generous bathroom window provides privacy instantly with simple blinds

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