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Flat Bathroom Faucet from Ritmonio – new Tetris faucet is as cool as game

The fun of the classic video game Tetris has inspired this modern bathroom faucet range from Ritmonio – the new Tetris range! Get those interlocking pieces out of your head and into your bathroom; the smart Tetris range will embody your playful sense of style. The geometric spout of the faucets is surprisingly flat, taking on an unexpectedly two-dimensional look. This unusual profile is complemented by the joystick operation, a great retrospective touch that adds a practical functionality to the faucet too. Designed by Davide Vercelli, this is refined, sharp Italian style that gamers will definitely want to snap up. The Tetris range is new from Ritmonio.
Have you considered an ultra-modern electronic faucet?



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