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Fireplace TV by MCZ – Scenario

mcz fireplace tv scenario 1 Fireplace TV by MCZ   Scenario
Talk about an ideal scenario! Taking a cue from smart European design trends, the Scenario is a cool fireplace TV by MCZ that always has something good on. Whether it’s a flickering flame to crank up the ambiance, or your favorite show to up that entertainment factor, this fireplace TV will always draw a crowd. Putting fireplace and television side by side, Scenario is a real space saver that also solves the “direct competition” design dilemma, whereby these two living-room fixtures would typically compete for attention in a single space. Apart from its ultra-modern style sensibility, this cool fireplace TV is an essential for film buffs, offering a prime viewing platform for your HD movies, and can also be connected to the Internet for browsing the boundless web on the big screen. Check out this latest living room must have, at MCZ.

mcz fireplace tv scenario 2 Fireplace TV by MCZ   Scenario



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