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Fearlessly Artistic and Definitely Exciting Interior Design by Revamp


Our favorite type of Interior Design is the kind that treats rooms like artistic installations, so needless to say we are absolutely in LOVE with this West Village townhouse by Revamp. Just the ability to create moments of artsy passion throughout this home is amazing enough considering the size of it. At 7800sqft over a 6-storey volume it would have been easy to become complacent once the social zone was complete but Revamp continued the pizzazz appeal throughout the home leaving every room revamped. Having said that, they definitely outdid themselves in this amazing living room.


The clients of Revamp had just relocated from London to New York and this oversized townhouse was the perfect place for their growing family to settle into. The only thing wrong with the townhouse was the crisp, pristine aesthetic left behind by the previous owners but this same blank canvas gave Revamp the opportunity to create a masterpiece without any decor compromises. Case in point is this living room vignette of an antique day bed paired with vintage and contemporary moments.


While the new “look” of the townhouse bursts with creativity via colors and shapes, it still presents a warm and personable vibe that suites the client’s lifestyle and personalities. There are even playful nods of their British heritage woven into the bold vignettes such as the flag motif on the foyer rug.


The kitchen is on the main level off of the foyer and while it is HUGE and seriously functional, it is also full of visual eye candy from the custom hand painted mural on the wall whose ombre pattern fades as it gets closer to the stairwell to the ornate Murano chandelier over a farmhouse style table.


The custom 13-foot farmhouse table as well as two Windsor chairs have been lacquered a glossy blue that works with rather then competing against the grey shades on the floor and ceiling. It has such a cozy and warm vibe you just know this kitchen is the heart of the home.


As inviting as the kitchen is – check out the family room. Anchored by a large and chunky Patricia Urquiola sectional in a surprisingly neutral hue, the room is punched up with both color and texture via the crocheted ottomans and tray topped coffee table – which does double duty as a storage unit for some of the children’s toys. The rest of the children’s paraphernalia is kept organized and hidden with built-in cabinetry.


One floor up on the second floor is a parlor as well as the dining and living rooms. The dining room features another of Revamps creative approaches to wall treatments with its dark plaster coated finish in various shades of dusky blue. The night sky appeal is continued within the smoky glass globes of the light fixture, which take on a sparkling solar system aesthetic while back here on earth red velvet on the chairs keeps the room cheerful and comfy.


While it might seem inconvenient to have the dining room one level above the kitchen, the built-in elevator makes transporting food as easy as – well – pie. The beautiful tan leather finish makes zipping up and down 6 floors a visual pleasure and the red stitching depicting a chandelier and a Queen Anne seat keeps the space fun – as does the bold shade of red on the carpeting.


As seen in the opening photos the living room is a fearlessly artistic statement, filled with so many creative moments that no matter where you sit in the room there is always something to admire and enjoy. Here a leather Egg chair and Revamp designed side table face towards a layered coffee table while above them a Jenny Holzer digital art piece scrolls through the pendant above.


Above the social zone on the third floor are the children’s bedrooms – each designed to take on their individual personalities both now and in the future and that’s not easy to do. The rooms are designed for playfulness today and sophisticated enjoyment when they are older.


The boys passion for soccer is layered into his bedroom design via the graphic headboard decal and by the border on the opposite wall which represents his teams mascot. Layered into this soccer themed room are the functional aspects of work station, media console and storage – all integrated into a custom wall of millwork by Leicht.


The 3 and 5yr old girls room replaces the sports theme with a magical, mystical wall of photo realistic butterflies. Full of enchanted imagination for a young child and feminine sophistication for a young adult, the butterflies will merge with the changing decor as the girls grow up.


Still higher in the townhouse is the fourth storey master suite. Composed of soft, relaxing blue tones the sleeping zone features a soft and sexy silk rug as well as a cowhide covered trunk at the foot of the bed and a Christian Liagre console across from it to create a space that is as inviting to the “him” of the house as it is to the “her”.


Revamp continued the tension between masculine and feminine elements by combining leather wrapped side tables with marble lamps; a vintage headboard with silk wallpaper and crisp white sheets with a skull motif pillow.


Aside from mixing the male/female elements, these choices also create a balance between soft and hard; smooth and rough, classic and contemporary.

fearlessly-artistic-exciting-interior-design-revamp-16-master detail.jpg

As poignant as these pairings of furniture and materials are, the most intriguing is the combination of a Dana Barnes original fiber sculpture next to the hard lines of the media wall.


While the sleeping zone of the master suite balances the femme with the masculine through a restrained palette of color and material choices, the walk in closet throws caution to the wind and vamps up the volume to create a major W-O-W. moment with its jewellery box inspired decor. Originally featuring the standard ho hum white shelving that most closets have, it now is a Revamp revolution of walnut millwork, crystal knobs, Kaleidoscopic diamond wallpaper, sheepskin runner, feather drum lights and leather wrapped mirror. As I said W-O-W.


The top floor of the townhouse is where the guest room is located and above that is the rooftop deck. Originally the decking did not occupy the complete footprint of the roof but Revamp extended it to make as much use of it as possible, incorporating in the process built-in planters and a sloped back bench. Layered into the look is a swivel lounger as well as a bar cart positioned in front of the hot tub. Just out of sight is a pair of Richard Schultz chairs and a sun umbrella for those extra hot days.


While the roof offers a relaxing outdoor lifestyle, the basement offers an invigorating glass walled lap pool that is flooded with natural sunlight from the glass brick flooring used in the backyard.


Revamp Interior Design


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