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New Faucets by TSA – a new form of thinking about the everyday life

We just love modern and innovative designs like the 400 faucets by Italian company TSA. While at first glance it’s not entirely obvious what they are, it’s clear that these contemporary faucets are as interesting and artistically appealing as they are practical pieces that no bathroom is complete without. The nice thing about these bathroom faucets is, apart from doing their hygiene duty, they also invite the user to pause and admire their unusual and unconventional look. The 400 series of bathroom faucets feature a square frame, with integrated spout and controls, which tilts away from a background image or mirror, creating visual interest and drawing your attention to form and away from function. Architect Antonio Fiorentino designed these striking fixtures, according to TSA, as “new concepts of design, new production models, a new form of thinking about the everyday life.” For more info on these modern faucets, visit TSA.



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