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Elegant Minimalist Bathroom Faucet by Fima Carlo Frattini – new Eclipse

Giuseppe Bavuso is the brain behind this elegant minimalist faucet, designed for Italian company Fima Carlo Frattini. The aptly named Eclipse bathroom faucet certainly does eclipse other designs, thanks to its innovative futuristic look and functional features. No longer is the bathroom mixer a utilitarian item in the bath. This fabulous faucet transforms itself into a fashionable feature piece that can set the tone for the whole space. Complement this stylish faucet with some sleek stainless steel accessories in your minimalist space, or complete a look of luxury with an opulent marble countertop and a lavish chandelier hanging overhead. This versatile bathroom faucet is available in two finishes: chromed and white lacquer. For more information visit Fima Carlo Frattini.


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