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Fantastic DIY Project: Porch Swings around a Campfire

Is there anything better then sitting around a campfire on a cool summer’s evening, listening to the crackling of the wood and watching the flames lick the air? Well, actually there is something better and that’s sitting around a campfire with friends or family in comfy cozy suspended seats that just happen to swing gently back and forth and lucky for us it’s an easy to achieve as DIY.

The hardest thing about this DIY project might be deciding where to locate this amazing outdoor conversation area, but once a spot is designated its as easy as marking out a hexagon on the ground with sides 2 feet wider then the porch swings you want to use (this allows for a foot clearance on either side so the swings won’t bump into each other). You can mark out the area with string and stakes, flour poured like a chalk line or wood scraps. Once laid out, where each of the 6 sides connect, dig a hole, sink you posts, use a level to make sure they are properly upright and tack some wood scraps onto them to hold them in position while you secure them in quick set or concrete and that’s it for day one.
The next part of the puzzle is to connect you posts with beams, this is best done with two people.
When all the posts are in place a proper hexagonal form takes place overhead. Note the bracing on the posts has not yet been removed.
Locate the centre of each post and create a second hexagonal. This second hexagonal holds the shape of the structure so that it doesn’t twist from the stress of the swings swinging. Once this second hexagon is in place all the cross bracing can be removed and its time to lay out the gravel area rug within and around the frame (you might want to use a weed barrier beneath it). By extending the gravel past the posts it will make it much easier to mow the lawn when the grass gets too long. After the gravel is in place start creating a fireproof hearth for the fire pit.
Firepits can be built or purchased, its up to you.
The swings can also be built or purchased, just make sure they are two feet smaller then the side of each hexagon. (if you are using 5 foot swings, the hexagon should have 7 foot sides).
While this is a general description, you can get far more information (like a material list or a step by step cutting list at Bowhunting.com and DIY & Crafts


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