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Family Beach House With Skate Ramp

Situated next to a golf course in the beach community of Barwon Heads, this Australian family house combines the best of bright and sunny oceanside style and contemporary design cues. Currently for sale, the creative dwelling takes many conventional finishes and modernizes them in ways that are definitely contemporary, but are never uncomfortable. More than that, it’s truly a personalized home, with small details and large-form features tailored to the lives of those within. The most striking example of this philosophy comes in the form of a large skating ramp built into a deck at the rear, though it’s present all over the building. The yard is well-maintained and full of creative gardens and social points, accenting the cozy yet modern home at its center.
The interior of the abode carries on with much of the exterior’s general themes, but brings a whole new level of personality with it. A mixture of fixtures, patterns, and color schemes runs rampant throughout, painting each surface and object in a harmoniously inventive fashion. Each realm has its own flair, and each is supported by the details. From the color on the walls to the shape of the smallest lamp, every part of every area is meant to maximize its visual appeal. And yet, the home is still entirely livable; in fact, it’s downright inviting. The wide array of objects and shades present on its insides transforms it from just another modern interior to a place that could truly satisfy the concept of what a home really is.

The home features a modernized version of the wood-slat construction popular in many beachside communities worldwide, uniting its purpose, surroundings, and the principles of contemporary design.
Though its backyard is a bit narrow, there’s still plenty of space for family social space and group entertaining areas. In addition to the unique skate ramp assembly, the house has a full patio off the kitchen.
Concrete structures overflowing with plant life surround benches and patio walls, bringing further use and definition to the outdoor communal areas of the dwelling in a beautiful fashion.
The doors to the kitchen break up the vertical wood-slat exterior of the building with large expanses of glass, making a focal point out of the passageway between indoors and out.
Inside, two-floor sloped ceilings and an array of bright colors open up the main living space, a combination sitting and dining room best suited to casual use.
Every part of the residence has its own distinct personality, but in general rooms are placed for maximum color contrast, such as this white-walled sitting room next to the much darker living area.
Wild patterns and diverse art selections bring interest to the details of this room, while the combination of dark-purple walls and light wood panels create an overall attraction as well.
Though it’s made of concrete, the fireplace is made to seem warm and inviting by its family-home surroundings (and by its purpose as well). A large yet minimal shelf shares its structure with the fireplace, serving as a stand for a relatively small flatscreen television.
The kitchen carries over many of the elements of the great room, but frames them in a way so as to differentiate it from the main open living space. Bright wood and cool concrete combine to form the outline of a modern countertop system instead of serving duties as wall coverings.
The flooring here shares its finish with a parts of the countertop, an uncommon design decision that helps integrate the kitchen’s utilities into the overall structure of the dwelling.
As with every other major area of the house, the details make the space. Brass lighting and vine-like hanging plant life bring personality into the kitchen, making it more than just another geometric contemporary canteen.
Even the main hallway has its own flourish, in the form of a cutout sitting area framed by large windows. These windows help light the corridor on even the most overcast days.
The master bedroom follows a largely open and connected form, with its adjoining bathroom set behind a partial-length wall instead of in its own enclosed room.
One wall of the master bedroom is made of two layers of retractable panels. The first lets in the light but not the elements, while the second lets air through without letting neighbors see inside. With both open, the bedroom becomes fully open to the backyard.
The master bathroom is the most stone-filled part of the residence, with almost half a dozen finishes. Circular mirrors and creative lighting personify the space.
Another bathroom, this one for younger members of the family, shares the finishes of the master bedroom while changing up a few details. The result is a very different space, despite the minimal change in the actual makeup thereof.
The upper floor of the house is a single bonus room, decked out in cool pinks and yellows. The thin slat windows are a marked contrast to the wide-open glass areas of the lower floor.
(via Desire to Inspire)


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