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Fabulous Christmas Garland Ideas To Charm Your Guests Away

Whether you are an active Christmas lover who decorated the day before Thanksgiving or you are a late bloomer, garland has always been a staple for Christmas. Which is perfect for those that want to bring something unique to their decor while still being quite festive. Not only will adding a garland bring color and appeal, but it will make the room come to life cheerily. The following fabulous Christmas garland ideas will create the charm you need to blow your guests away.

Take it Outside

garlabd outside Fabulous Christmas Garland Ideas To Charm Your Guests Away
Use as much, garland as possible when working outside not only will it brighten your space, but it will bring a homey almost movie-like approach

When it comes to adding color to your porch, bringing fresh bits of garland is a great way to go. Not only will it add color and appeal, but it will further brighten your outdoor. Pair with other holiday bits to showcase how festive and charming your family will be.


garland bedroom Fabulous Christmas Garland Ideas To Charm Your Guests Away
No need to go overboard, you can use a single strand and make the room come to life seamlessly

Engulf a room with holiday cheer by bringing a single strand of garland and wrapping it around your headboard. Doing so will do more than just bring Christmas charm it will bring greenery too. Furthermore, you can almost say, having garland as part of your headboard is the perfect form of making the room come back to life. Drape it around the headboard loosely for a modern twist.

Refreshen your Stairs

Keep your staircase as festive as possible by creating a contrasting appeal that feels almost as if Christmas has officially arrived at your staircase

If you are lucky enough to have a large staircase, then its time to take full advantage of it. To do just that you want to bring decorated garland into the stairway. The idea is to have the garland become a welcoming effect in the area. It will be almost as if the garland becomes the focal point that expands the space overall. Consider it the main focus that enhances your travels throughout your home. This is perfect for those that have a Christmas tree as part of their stairway decor. The two will blend exceptionally well together.

Weaved with Ribbons

Bring in red ribbons to truly make the room come to life while still having your garland feel sleek

Sometimes having a garland isn’t enough sometimes you need something extra and that is where weaving ribbons into it will come into play. It’s all about getting your garland to make an overall statement without taking away from the rich color it already provides. Think of it was the perfect way to bring the most festive decor front and center. It takes having traditional, garland to the next level. It’s almost as if your garland will become the staple you need.

Get Crafty

Get as detailed about your crafty touch to give your garland a welcoming feel. That is still charming and festive

Instead of simply stringing your garland around a staircase or having it simply sitting there, get crafty with it and make your garland the focus of the room by making it your candle holder. Having your garland as a candle holder not only enables your candles to be a bit jazzed but it ensures you bring in color, charm, and intimacy all at once. Add pine cones or even berries to bring in a colorful twist to make the room come to life.


If you are ever in doubt, consider hanging stockings from your garland, for a feminine touch that feels almost whimsical

While we are speaking of different forms of using garland in your home, using it above a fireplace will forever remain as a classic together. However, we are taking it a step further by creating a cohesive touch that matches your Christmas tree. By having this element, your living room will appear put together and sleek while still being festive. Consider having as much festive decor as possible so your garland fits right in.


Hang your garland from your doorway to make the room have a festive touch to make the room feel festive without having to go above and beyond

Why have a traditional approach when you can create a bold one? It’s all about getting the room to be as modern as possible with touches of traditional. Creating a non-traditional touch further showcases just how versatile and charming Christmas decor can be. Consider having it draped in an area that could use some color and texture yet doesn’t exactly need it. Creating a balancing act adds to the charm and mystery of having a non-traditional touch.

Table Run

For a table run consider using thicker garland, as it will embrace the room better

Transform your Christmas table instantly by bringing in a garland run for a dose of charm and statement. Whether you leave it alone on the table or pair it with multiple other decorative items is completely up to you. The key is having your garland become swept away with the decor. It’s all about having the room feel as if your dining table is the main aspect that needs focusing on. If you choose to be different, place garland behind a chair to add an extra dose of appeal.

Minimal and Neutral

Keep your decor as neutral and minimal as possible, in order to make the room feel more modern without interrupting your current decor

What better way to focus on having a garland then to go the minimal route? Having minimal decor will ensure your garland is the main focus. You want to enable it to feel glitzy and glam without going overboard with it. It’s all about creating a new contrast is great for those that have decor that takes over the room, yet want to add a little something extra. Pair with neutral decor to complete the minimal aspect touch.


Add bits of glitter to truly embrace having a luxury garland display

Consider bringing in garland with glitter weaved in for that glamorous approach. It’s all about making the room feel like glam has met with Christmas and you are ready to party. Furthermore, it creates a contrast between what you have and what you will have the room feel like. You want to make the room feel alive, festive and charming all at once. Keep your garland sleek with just a hint of sexy felt throughout.

How do you use garland in your home? Share with us below.



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