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11 Christmas Garlands That Are Totally Goals

Besides having a grand Christmas tree, adding garland to your home is another way to bring full-on Christmas cheer. Whether you use it draped across a doorway, hanging from your mantel or its connected to your tree in some way shape or form garland is an essential part of Christmas décor. Here are 13 Christmas garlands that are not only picture perfect but bring holiday cheer right where you need it.

Center Table Décor

Pair your garland with warm, fall decor to bring your decor together you might even want to add light fixtures to bring a cozy appeal even on your dining table.

Bring your table all-together with a pre-lit garland that has been draped across and add smaller trees or another already lit décor to bring your garland to life with as little décor as possible. Additionally, it is excellent for of using leftover garland that doesn’t exactly have a solid space.


Take your wreath up a notch and have fun with your decor by adding garland around it or as part of it. Doing so will brighten the area you place it in.

Garland comes in more than just swag, in fact, it comes in multiple different colors, sizes, and appeal; therefore, it only makes sense for it to come in wreaths as well. A garland wreath is a bit more laid back and less structured like traditional wreaths are. Add a garland wreath to your doorway or your windows to bring the holiday cheer directly inside.

Bring on the Lights

For a unique touch add lights to your garland and have a unique garland as part of your decor, we love the idea of faux snow on your garland or additional bits with lighting.

Garland is great but having lights added is even better. Whether you decide to decorate your kitchen, living room or your porch with your lit garland, you want to ensure you have enough lights to go around, or you could even consider adding additional lights to bring a bold touch exactly where you need it.

Classic Ways

If you want to bring classic aesthetics to your staircase with a garland, add modern touches such as light fixtures or Christmas decor.

What better way to decorate your staircase then with garland. Using garland to decorate your staircase has been done for centuries and it truly is a classic Christmas staple. Therefore, consider adding personal touches such as color décor or even texture to bring a more personal feel to a universal classic.

Add Ornaments

Adding ornaments is great when you want to revitalize your display, allowing you to add color, texture, and personality.

Why keep your ornaments only on your tree when you can apply them to your garland as well? The key is having an interactive garland that works with the décor you already have. Doing so brings beauty as well as holiday appeal anywhere it is placed even in your kitchen, bathroom and outdoors or our favorite, the entryway.

Fireplace Madness

Whether you decorate your fireplace or simply display stockings, consider adding garland to it and making it as festive as can be. You might even want to add faux snow.

Your fireplace deserves to be involved in your new décor and what better way to do so then to add garland around it. Add garland to your fireplace to bring a festive touch without taking away from the naturally cozy appeal a fireplace tends to bring. You want to hang it or even intertwine it with the décor you already have. Furthermore, add stockings for a farmhouse vibe.

Kitchen island

If you happen to have a larger then life kitchen island bring it back to life with a long piece of garland to complete the rustic appeal that it tends to bring.

Take your garland to your kitchen island for a twist of modern. You might even want to consider using faux candles to bring a touch of elegance even when you’re in a unique space like the kitchen or consider hanging your garland around the cabinets to bring a cozy feel that’s seamless.

Bring on the Layers

Layering your garland is always a great idea as it allows you to make a statement anywhere in your home. Additionally, it allows you to bring garlands in multiple different lengths and appeal.

We love the idea of layering almost any decorative aspect because of its cozy appeal there is something very aesthetically pleasing about having a layered appeal that makes the room come back to life. Consider layering your garland as well, add different size garlands or even different kinds of garland to add a more texture touch to the décor.

Take it Outside

When taking your garland outside, go big or go home and have fun with your decor! Furthermore, add color and bring a naturally festive appeal. 

Why keep your décor solely inside when you can take it outside and bring holiday cheer to your neighborhood and your home. Hang your garland from the roof of your home or from your porch for a traditional touch. You could even add pinecones for a twist of nature that comes to life.

Overhead Garland

Bring a completely different take to your light fixture by adding garland to it and allowing it to make a statement on its own. The idea is to have your garland be what makes a statement in your home.

This is a completely modern concept but oh is it great! Add garland to your light fixture and allow it to make a statement that way. The idea is to have your garland become a part of your lights and your overall décor.

Keep it simple

Keeping it simple is the way to go when you already have the holiday decor throughout your space.

Hang your garland anywhere in your home and let it do its own thing. You truly want it to make a statement on it very own for the best contrast. The idea is to it to make simple appeal while still being one of a kind.

Is garland your favorite kind of Christmas décor? If so, share with us how you decorate with it garland around your home.


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