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Crocheted Christmas Tree Ornaments

Throughout the Christmas season, whether entertaining guests for an awesome home cooked meal or hosting an important game, it’s the little touches that will make your house feel festive, fun and full of good cheer. Whether your decor leans to the traditional, eclectic or modernist, crocheted ornaments will add the whimsy and color that exemplify your style. Take a journey through the following photos for inspirational ideas on how to add a touch of crochet to your holiday decor.

This adorable wreath is a compilation of crocheted leaves layered over a foam core covered with a crocheted tube. The button hanger and star center add a nostalgic touch to this fun interpretation of wreath design.
The red crocheting that surrounds these motifs is a visual retake on candle spillings – super fun, super cute, super soft and best of all, they won’t scratch your furniture!
Speaking of not scratching your furniture – these crocheted coasters offer a soft spot to place a hot cup of coffee.
Star images and the holiday season go hand in hand and these little red stars would be just perfect on a Christmas tree or twig lights.
These bobbles are both adorable and super functional. If they fall to the floor they can be picked up and rehung without any perceivable damage – perfect for a home with pets or young children.
They remind me of the fractal patterns in the 3D accessories that are being printed these days.
The little red stars on top of these trees would make a perfect pairing with the red crocheted stars up above.
The textural effect of these trees makes you want to reach out and touch them.
The trees are created by rows of crocheted buds that wrap around a Styrofoam conical shape.
Create several trees of different heights and different greens for a fluid and dynamic vignette.
and while you’re at it try out some of these fun coasters. Having these tossed casually on your coffee and end tables will surely bring a smile to any one who sees them.
When its time to put up the Christmas tree, this super colorful skirt will add in an extra layer of charm, after all, why should the branches get all the pretty.
These would make a perfect centerpiece on your dining table.
Styrofoam balls wrapped in crochet for snow bobbles. The red and white ones remind me of Candy Canes.
These crocheted snowflakes are my favorite, in fact I have a set of these and I hang them on my blue twig lights that are grouped in a large glass bowl full of pine cones.
Drink to hot? Not a problem with this whimsical coffee cup sleeves.
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