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Exotic Flooring from Mullican Flooring

mullican rosewood hardwood exotic flooring Exotic Flooring from Mullican Flooring
Mullican Flooring‘s line of engineered pre-finished hardwood exotic flooring shows that wooden flooring can still encompass a twist of the unexpected. We are accustomed to run-of-the-mill wooden floors that often go unnoticed… but these exciting exotic floors are a real focal point. The rich beauty of wood is celebrated through their painstakingly polished sheen. Pictured above is the Mullican Ridgecrest Sumatra Rosewood hardwood flooring, which has a stunning variation of hues and swirling patterns within each plank. The African Zebrawood sports a striped grain in shades of rich brown that stands out – a memorable and enduring addition to any home. These Mullican exotic floors can be purchased at Expo Design Center.

mullican engineered exotic flooring zebrawood Exotic Flooring from Mullican Flooring



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