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Ever dreamed about the house you could enjoy? This is it: Lake Geneva, France

Of course you have. We’ve all dreamed about the perfect house we can enjoy one day. And if this isn’t the house of dreams, we don’t know what is. Called “Masion au Bord du Lac” (Mansion at Lakeside) and created by AUM architects, it sits on the shores of Lake Geneva, France. That alone is enough to make it highly desirable. And then, along comes that view. Is that not one of the most spectacular vistas you have ever seen? Can you imagine waking up to this every morning? Those floor to ceiling glass windows make it all possible. Aren’t they just marvelous? It’s almost like living outside. And it’s an energy efficient, environmentally friendly construction – something that thankfully is becoming the norm. Mansion at Lakeside – a perfect name for a perfect house. Dreams do come true.

Via: Archello
See the rest of the house here.


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