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Eternity Chandelier by Koket

eternity chandelier by koket 5 thumb 630x1163 11593 Eternity Chandelier by Koket

The Eternity chandelier by Koket is the epitome of illuminated extravagance. This chic light fixture features different-sized crystals, each encircled in polished brass rings that lend the look of fine jewelry, dressing up any room from overhead. The elegant cylindrical silhouette is dressed up with this dazzling diamond look all around and along the bottom, bringing sparkle to every upward glance. Dangling low above the dining table, suspended in the living area, or welcoming you home in the entry foyer, this stunning chandelier is a certain statement piece that screams luxury. Measuring 31.5 inches across and 11.8 inches high, it’s just the right size to catch your eye and hold your gaze… for Eternity. This chandelier is also available in a stainless steel finish. With a motto like “Love happens,” it’s no surprise that Koket has captured our hearts with this romantic design. For additional information, click here.

eternity chandelier by koket 1 thumb 630x627 11585 Eternity Chandelier by Koket



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