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Estudiobola Furnishings in Vibrant Colours Create Minimalist Wonderland in Sao Paolo Apartment


A young couple created an apartment that was fun and functional for themselves as well as lively and inspirational for their two children aged 2 and 3. Both architects, Flavio Borsato and Tatiana Filgueiras are no strangers to design and they applied their love of simple structure and vibrant statements to their San Paola home located in the district of Moema. Many of the pieces within the apartment are sourced from Estudiobola, the architectural firm that Flavio founded; one such piece pictured here is the Allegro chair with its angled arm rests that dramatically zig then zag to become the back leg of the chair. The dramatic angle of the chair blends perfectly with the multi planed yellow Diamond table by Estudiobola in front of it and the hexagonal cluster of Estudioibola Araripe tables in multiple colour choices that are grouped in two sections in front of the large custom sofa that runs the full length of the wall. Each of these two clusters is surrounded by even larger collections of funnel shaped Mesacentre Cyprus tables by Estudiobola that can act as both seats and small tables. The use of multiples in the tables and stools is repeated on the far wall with a row of candelabra and a vignette of art that covers the complete wall.

Thumbnail image for estudioibola-furnishings-vibrant-colours-create-minimalist-wonderland-sao-paolo-apartment-2-vignette.jpg

The vignette of art is clustered by size and shape with some framed in white and others in black. This keeps the energy alive within the grouping without detracting from the vibrant colours used in each art piece. Just below the art and n the long tone on tone grey console is a row of candelabras that are all sourced from antique fairs. The homeowners chose to keep the aged patina of the antiques to create an interesting foil against the sleek and smooth surfaces they are surrounded by. As an added dimension of contrast a large and very contemporary floor lamp sits in front of the candelabras, boasting a vibrant colour blocking of grey, yellow and red within its clean and simple profile of two funnels, a pole and a handle. In the foreground a busy cube of indigo blue and white adds yet another dimension of stylized pattern to balance the vibrancy of the art on the wall. All this form and colour are contained against a backdrop of white walls framed in a matte of concrete ceiling and floor.

Just beyond the living space is the kitchen. Centrally located within the apartment, the space appears bright and cheerful with the use of Tangerine modular Allen cabinets by Estudiobola that are stacked against natural concrete walls. The concrete surfaces continue on the counter top. The backdrop of concrete and tangerine is layered upon by strategically placed cobalt blue and red vases, a lemon yellow cutting board, and of course the vibrancy of natural fruits and flowers.

The tangerine cabinetry is only used on one side of the kitchen, with white cabinetry being used on the far side. Pot lights are used throughout the dropped ceiling panel, keeping the space bright and functional while at the same time both ends are kept open to let as much daylight enter this room within a room. The kitchen opens up to a hallway with a bank of windows on one side, and to the dining area on the other. The dining area is given a whimsical touch by the use of an Ingo Maurer Birdie Chandelier.

the Ingo Maurer Birdie Chandelier is a bold statement that in this setting blends perfectly with the choice of the wall Panel Matisse wall panels by Estudiobola. Bold stripes in varying widths create a jazzy backdrop to the clean lines of the Estudiobola Guarini Table and Helga chairs.

The Master Suite continues the theme of concrete and white punctuated with Estudiobola pieces in bold colours. Here a bed Renoir by Estudiobola with its subtler vertical stripe on its headboard is featured in front of a row of vibrant Estudiobola Scarpa vertical storage units. The ensuite uses the same format as the kitchen with a room within a room central location, in this case the large soaker and free standing tub is part of the décor of the Master Bedroom, creating a sculptural statement that, even though it is white, balances the bright tangerine of the cabinety against the wall.
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The children’s bedroom features the same headboard as the Master Bedroom, but in this case the rest of the colour palette within the room is kept more subtle with the use of a Estudiobola Kiko chair and turquoise console. Even the side table and large round rug are kept to the same colour palette. The only infusion of additional colour comes from the yellow bedside lamp and a few small mobiles hanging from the concrete ceiling.

Even the children’s bathroom is kept muted with the only colour injection coming from the Ferrari red sink.

The carefully chosen and placed colour statements used throughout the home offer a sense of youthful creativity in keeping with the family that lives here. Almost all the vibrant pieces – including these tangerine Petrus Boolshelves that are mounted in a random pattern – come from EstudioBola, which is not surprising since the homeowner, Flavio Borato is an architect and product designer as well as the founder of Estudiobola. His wife Tatiana Filgueiras, is also an architect and between the two of them, space, harmony and colour play an important role in their lifestyle as do their two young children. This apartment is a great example of how to blend a contemporary lifestyle with the needs of professional parents and children without sacrificing style to function. Love the colour choices, love the furnishings, love the apartment.
Photography by Filippo Baamberghi


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