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Elkay Mystic Puddle Kitchen Sink & Puddle Bathroom Sink – new Mystic sinks

The new Elkay Mystic Puddle Kitchen Sink and Mystic Puddle Bathroom Sink surprise and delight with their lovely free-form appearance. We have grown accustomed to only seeing symmetrical elements in our homes, and thus the contemporary steel Mystic Puddle sinks are a wonderful treat to stumble upon. Resembling a natural shallow pool of water, these softly reflective basins possess an organic appeal. The curvy sinks have a smooth but uneven surface which creates a distinctive, sinuous water pattern. That means that working at the kitchen sink or bathing at the bathroom sink are daily routine experiences which take on a deeper, more serene aspect. Starting from $1000, this whimsical vessel may be more obtainable than you’d suspected. A permanent, personal puddle to splash around in everyday: what could be better than these new sinks from Elkay?



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